30-Minute Glutes Workout
February 15, 2016
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March 15, 2016
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20-Minute Tabata Workout

This full-body routine is just what you need when your schedule is packed: fast and furious.

High intensity intervals of work/rest have proven to be your best bet when looking to shed body fat and preserve muscle in a short period of time.  This full-body, Tabata-style routine uses compound movements, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. But don’t let the narrow time frame fool you—this is no easy feat. You’ll be working at your max effort, which means by the time the clock runs out, you should be spent.
How to do it: This is a Tabata-style workout, so each exercise will be timed. Perform 20 seconds of the first exercise, followed by a 10 second rest, and repeat for a total of four rounds. Once you’ve completed all rounds of the first exercise, perform the one-minute plank as indicated, before moving on to the next exercise.


  • Interval timer or app
  • Moderate to Heavy Kettlebell
  • Medicine Ball (15-25 lbs)
  • Mat
  • Medium-size dumbbells
  • Water



Kettlebell Swings
1.-KettlebellSwings-1Set Up: Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, holding the kettlebell with two hands in front of your body, with arms extended downwards.
Action: Bend your
knees and push your hips back to drive the kettlebell down between your upper thighs (a). Use your glutes and hips to power the kettlebell up to eye level while keeping your arms straight (b). Maintain a positive arch in the spine throughout the movement and keep your shoulders back.
After four rounds do one-minute of Standard Plank

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